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I work with English-speaking clients in the Annecy (74000) and Geneva areas.


I base my work around three core values:

  1. co-creation - we will work together on the challenges you face;

  2. self-understanding - I will strive to deepen your understanding of how you operate so that you are more resilient to future problems;

  3. unconditional support - I will support you, without judgment, every step of the way.


My training is in Transactional Analysis psychotherapy and Person-Centred counselling, which means I focus not just on how you feel inside but also on how you relate to others.  In my experience, most of us have one or more relationships that are unsatisfying, distressing, repetitively damaging or just plain stuck. 


I also bring techniques from my work as a business coach to ensure our work is goal oriented and validates your strengths.

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